Wake Up Call with J.C. & Shawna

Listen to the Wake Up Call with J.C. & Shawna weekday mornings on Free FM. They’ll get you up and ready for your day with lots of laughs and the best Classic Rock you’ll find anywhere in the Peace region!

J.C. Coutts

I’m originally from Ontario but please don’t hold that against me. I’m huge fan of the Ottawa Senators (Also, don’t hold that against me) and I have 3 cats – that, you can hold against me.

I’ve moved all over this country working at radio stations in Ontario, New Brunswick and the Northwest Territories.

I love rock music and I’m thrilled to be living in Grande Prairie: A rock n’ roll town with a liqour store on every corner. Is this heaven? No it’s Iowa…err…Alberta!

Call me anytime on the Free Phone at 780-357-1047 or e-mail me at [email protected]

Got an event and need a host? Let me know…I work for food!

Shawna Prince

I love Scotch!

I like to steal other peoples food, it’s funny to watch them search for a pop tart for days.

I’m really good at barely getting by, which comes in handy in the Radio Biz.

I like Punk Rock and the Detroit Red Wings…Zetterberg is King and Yzerman is God.

I often use my own (mouth made) sound effects in stories…which would explain my other love, production. I also make commercials.

I LOVE to talk, email me any time [email protected]!