International Flea Markets Guide

This guide is a new kind of resource I have developed for pickers who travel to locate best-kept secret inland flea markets, tropical flea markets, island flea markets, and world flea markets, seeking whatever beautiful, unique treasures you can find in these travel destinations. The Pickers Guide solves the problem of where to buy estate antiquities and collectibles while traveling worldwide.

Pickers traveling to Europe, Asia, and tropical islands can use this guide to find great, bargain flea markets to:

1. Get to know inland and tropical flea market destinations

2. Prepare to enjoy inland and tropical flea market shopping

3. Find great inland and tropical flea market destinations

4. Learn international flea market ethics

5. Pack and ship from inland and tropical flea markets

After shopping at flea markets, you can send your purchases home through the post office by:

Buying a box and packing your items but, don’t close it
Checking the weight of your package with the scales provided at the post office, making sure it is less than 4 pounds, which is the limit for small packages not subject to the custom declaration
Checking the cost of a 4-pound package, which depends on your location and their currency
Realizing your package will arrive in about 1-2 weeks.
Ask the locals where the nearest post office is and use the scale to check the weight of your packages.

Important Points to Remember Before Departure

1. Study International Street Market Payment Options

2. Study How To Haggle Even Though You Don’t Speak The Tropical Island Language

3. Spotting A Treasure: If It’s A Beautiful Treasure, Buy It

4. You’re Too Far Away For Buyer Aware: Know What You’re Buying At Tropical Flea Markets

5. Study When To Arrive At Night Markets

6. Study The Tools You Will Need At Tropical Island Flea Markets

7. Map Your Destinations To Chase Tropical Flea Markets For Treasure You’re Seeking To Buy

8. Study How To Work A Tropical Flea Market

9. Is It Trash Or Treasure? Can It Turn A Profit Or Not? Do You Know How To Treasure Hunt Like A Pro?

10. Don’t Hesitate To Buy Anything In Tropical Paradise You Can’t Live Without

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